How to install latest version python. Install Python in very easy way.

How to install the latest version of Python. Install Python in a very easy way.

how to install latest version of python spywork24
how to install the latest version of python spywork24

What is Python? 

This Python is a commonly interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and high-level programming language.

This language was coined by Guido van Rossum during 1985– 1990.

how to download Python?

Before downloading Python, make sure to check which and how many bit operating systems are on your computer. Accordingly download Python, as if your computer has a Windows 64-bit operating system, then you download Python Windows 64-bit only.
Always download Python from the official website of Python.

After accessing the official website of Python, click on the download option, then download after selecting the operating system.

How to install Python, how to install Python easily.

Right-click on the downloaded Python file and click on run as administrator and click on S.
Then click on Customize Installation.
Then click Next.
Then mark five options from the top and click on install.
And then wait a bit, close it after install.

How to check if Python is properly installed on the computer?

After Python is installed, make sure that Python is installed properly or not.
To check Python open the run option in your computer using the Windows + R button and type cmd and click on the OK button.
When cmd opens type python --version and presses the enter button.
After pressing the enter button, the Python version is coming in, then Python is installed properly on your computer.

How to install the latest version of python.

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