bandicam screen recorder full version free download

 Bandicam Screen Recorder Full Version Free Download

bandicam screen recorder full version free download

Bandicam is a screen recording software developed by Bandisoft. It allows users to capture their computer screens and record audio from their computer or microphone. Bandicam can record gameplay, tutorials, video conferences, and other types of screen activities.

The software offers several recording modes, including full-screen mode, game mode, and screen recording mode. Users can also choose to record specific parts of their screen or capture a particular window. Bandicam supports various video formats, including AVI and MP4, and offers high-quality video recording with minimal impact on system performance.

Bandicam also offers several additional features, including the ability to add mouse effects, add logos or images to recordings, and adjust video and audio settings. The software is available for Windows operating systems and offers a free trial version with limited features, as well as a paid version with additional functionality.

How to install Bandicam this crack:

1. Turn off the VPN so that the setup works properly!

2. Unzip the archive by choosing a directory

3. Turn off your antivirus! see instructions below

4. Run Setup

5. Enjoy :)

 Important: If you do not have 7zip or WinRAR archiver, we have taken care of you, run the installation file winrar611.exe

 Turning off Antivirus Protection:

  •  Before downloading and installing on your computer, it’s essential to turn off your antivirus software first. 

  •  Otherwise, you won’t even be able to download the file from our download zone.

  •  Most virus guards are detecting both the app and our website URL, and our team is continually releasing updates to fix this issue. 

  •  The tool itself is identified as a Win32.HackTool and website are detected  as “Potentially Unwanted Content.”

  •  Here are the steps to temporarily disable the protection of most antivirus software.

  •  ESET: Right-click the Eset icon on the taskbar and choose “Pause Protection.” 
  •  Select the time you need to turn off the protection, and you’ll be asked to confirm your change twice.
  •  After that, you can continue with the download.

  •  Kaspersky: To install, go to Settings > Additional and turn off the “Self Defence” option.
  •  You’ll be asked to confirm your change, and you’re ready to go!

  •  BitDefender: In the main window, select the “Protection” tab and click “View Features.” 
  •  You need to turn off both self-defense and web firewall.

  •  Avast: Double-click the taskbar icon to open the main control center of Avast.

  •  Go to the “Protection” tab and disable both File Shield and Behaviour Sheid.
  •  Now you’ll be able to install it without any problems.
The password of this file will be available on Telegram 👉

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